McMillian Plaid Skirt McMillian Girl's Plaid Slacks
McMillian Plaid SkirtMcMillian Girl's Plaid Slacks

Optional K - 6th grade

Optional all grades



McMillian Girl's Plaid Shorts McMillian Plaid Cross Tie
McMillian Girl's Plaid ShortsMcMillian Plaid Cross Tie

Optional all grades

Plaid cross tie for girls K-6th



Official Navy Pants Official Navy Shorts
Official Navy PantsOfficial Navy Shorts

Navy plain front

Navy plain front



McMillian Boy's Red Blazer McMillian Academy Navy Back Pack
McMillian Boy's Red BlazerMcMillian Academy Navy Back Pack


Includes school monogram and student's name



McMillian Boy's Plaid Bow Tie McMillian Yellow Oxford Shirts w Mono
McMillian Boy's Plaid Bow TieMcMillian Yellow Oxford Shirts w Mono

Required for Academy boys K-6th

Required for all boys and girls K - 6th grade



Black Leather Belt Black Stretch Belt
Black Leather BeltBlack Stretch Belt


Black stretch belt



McMillian Academy Navy Sweatpants McMillian Academy Navy Sweatshirt
McMillian Academy Navy SweatpantsMcMillian Academy Navy Sweatshirt

Optional grades K-6th, boys and girls

Students K-6th



McMillian Academy Red Sweater McMillian Academy PE Shorts
McMillian Academy Red SweaterMcMillian Academy PE Shorts

Pullover or cardigan

Price includes all monogramming

Includes school logo



McMillian Academy T-Shirt McMillian Red Socks w MFSA
McMillian Academy T-ShirtMcMillian Red Socks w MFSA

Includes school logo

Mandatory K-6th, boys and girls