St. Peter Jumper St. Peter Pull-up Shorts
St. Peter JumperSt. Peter Pull-up Shorts

- Pre K - K w/mandatory round logo.

- The jumper is optional for PreK 2's and 3's. They can also wear pull-up pants and shorts.

- Khaki

- Pre K - K Girls

- Includes mandatory SPC logo



St. Peter Skirt St. Peter Skort
St. Peter SkirtSt. Peter Skort

- 1st - 8th w/mandatory SPC logo

- Worn with KINTE vest from school.

- Two-needle waistband for a more feminine appearance

- Clean finish button closure is more durable and makes buttoning easier

Starting at $27.99

- More..

Girls grades 1st - 4th w logo

Starting at $18.99



Official Girl's Khaki Pants White Pointed Collar Broadcloth Blouse
Official Girl's Khaki PantsWhite Pointed Collar Broadcloth Blouse

-Starting at $23.99

-Includes logo if required

 - Includes school logo if required.

Starting at $15.99



St. Peter Cross Tie Official Boys Khaki Pants
St. Peter Cross TieOfficial Boys Khaki Pants

- Green Cross Tie

- All Grades

-Includes logo if required



Dickies Khaki Pants St. Peter Shorts Pre Ks - K ONLY
Dickies Khaki PantsSt. Peter Shorts Pre Ks - K ONLY
- Khaki Pants

-Includes school logo if required

- Khaki

- Includes logo when required

- Pre K 2's - K ONLY

- Pre K 2's and 3's must wear pull-ups

- Pre K 4's and K NO PULL-UPS allowed

Starting at $18.99



St. Peter Oxford Shirt St. Peter Green Neck Tie
St. Peter Oxford ShirtSt. Peter Green Neck Tie

 - White

 - Pre K 4's - 8th Grade

 - Pre K 3's - K have round logo.

 - Boys in grades 1st - 8th wear a vest (available through school), so they do not have a logo on their shirt.

Starting at $19.99

- All Grades

- Boys



Black Leather Belt St. Peter Pull-up Pants
Black Leather BeltSt. Peter Pull-up Pants


- Khaki w/official SPC logo

- PreK 2s & PreK 3s must wear pull-ups.

- PreK 4s & K NO PULL-UPS allowed.



St. Peter Pull-up Shorts St. Peter Cardigan
St. Peter Pull-up Shorts St. Peter Cardigan

- Khaki

- Optional for girls Pre K 2's and 3's.

- Mandatory boys Pre K 2's and 3's.

- NOT ALLOWED PRE K 4's and K.

- Includes mandatory SPC logo

- Mandatory all grades.