Xavier Prep P.E. Shorts Xavier Prep P.E. T-Shirt
Xavier Prep P.E. ShortsXavier Prep P.E. T-Shirt
Xavier Prep P.E. Shorts


All sizes $8.00

Xavier Prep P.E. T-Shirt


All sizes $8.00.



Jumper Plaid 2A Plaid 2A Girls Skirt
Jumper Plaid 2APlaid 2A Girls Skirt

- Wrinkle-resistant, highest-quality fabrics available ensure long-lasting durability, color and crease retention

- Easy-care stain release fabric ensures stains come out easily

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- Two-needle waistband for a more feminine appearance
- Clean finish button closure is more durable and makes buttoning easier
- Tight edge stitching on pleats for a cleaner, high-quality appearance
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